How To Apply Online For Auto Driver [5000] Scheme In Karnataka

Karnataka Auto Driver Scheme | Karnataka Driver Yojana | Karnataka 5000 rupees Lockdown Relief | How To Apply Online

The world is in a big crisis due to Corona Virus. All work has been stopped due to this virus, resulting in many people have become unemployed. On Wednesday the Karnataka Government has released a relief package for those who became unemployed due to the lockdown.

Also, they announced a scheme that will shortly be started in the state of Karnataka. They have named this scheme an Auto Driver Scheme. What this scheme is all about? Want to know? Then read this article. You will get to know all the aspects of this scheme.

Karnataka Auto Driver Scheme


Karnataka Auto Driver Scheme

Those who drive auto-rickshaws, taxis in the state of Karnataka will be given 5000 rupees lockdown relief.

All drivers are currently out of work. They have no means of earning money.

How will they earn their livelihood if the lockdown is not opened?

Keeping all these queries in mind Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has announced to launch Auto-Driver Scheme in their state.

Karnataka 5000 Rupees Lockdown Relief Objective

Whenever a plan is initiated, it is started for a specific purpose.

You know, we earn money to feed ourselves and to fulfill our needs.

But, this lockdown has put everyone to stay in their homes.

Those who are working in the government sector will get the money in their bank account every month, but for the self-employed people, this situation is quite terrible.

To help these self-employed people Karnataka Government has come up with 5000 rupees lockdown relief project.

Beneficiaries Of Karnataka Driver Yojana

Let me tell you that only the drivers, the Government of Karnataka have also decided to give 5000 rupees to the self-employed people of other fields as well. Here is the list.

Farmers —

Due to lockdown farmers have suffered a severe loss. Due to the fear of coronavirus people are now hesitating to buy vegetables and fruits. So farmers are also eligible for this 5000 rupees lockdown relief fund.

Barbers —

This virus is spreading from person to person. If an infected person comes in contact with other persons then they will also be infected and how the crowd gathers in the barbershop we all know. That’s why the Government has banned the opening of a barbershop.

Washerman —

Those people who work as a dhobi are sitting unemployed for the whole time, so they will also be given Rs5000 by the Government.

Eligibility and Documents Required For Driver Yojana

Well, the applicant should be a permanent resident of Karnataka.

Should have a valid driving license.

The vehicle should be registered.

The bank account of the applicant should be linked to the Aadhar card.


How To Apply Online For Auto Driver [5000] Scheme In Karnataka

How the drivers will get the benefit of this scheme is not yet clear. For this, you have to wait for some time. We will update the procedure as soon as the government initiates the online portal regarding this scheme. Till then, stay tuned with us for the latest information.

Driver 5000 Yojana Status

Open the official website on your desktop/phone/tablet.

Hit the Application Status link.

Enter your Applicant ID and Aadhar Number.

Now, you can click on the submit button.

The status will pop-up on your screen.

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