Uttar Pradesh BC Sakhi Yojana [4000] Online Registration

Want to earn 4000 rupees every month? Under BC Sakhi Yojana you will get to earn 4000 rupees but here is a cache this yojana will only be limited for the unemployed Womens who are residing in the rural areas of UP. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced a new scheme on 22 May 2020You can also search this scheme by the name UP Banking Sakhi Scheme.

Uttar Pradesh BC sakhi yojana


What Exactly Is BC Sakhi Yojana

During this lockdown period, many households have lost their jobs.

There are 3 classes of people in our country Rich, Middle Class, and Poor.

The people most affected by this lockdown are poor people.

Daily wage families are completely unemployed.

To help such unemployed families, the Uttar Pradesh Government has decided to launch the UP Banking Sakhi Scheme.

Who Will Be The Beneficiaries Of UP Banking Sakhi Scheme

If you are living in rural areas then definitely you are eligible for this scheme.

58000 unemployed women will get a chance to register under UP Banking Sakhi Scheme.

If you want to become one of them then you have to fill BC Sakhi Yojana Registration Form.

Right now, you will not be able to register yourself Sakhi Yojana because the official website is getting prepared.

What Work Will Be Done Under BC Sakhi Yojana 

We all have bank accounts right?

Do you avoid getting into the queues of the bank?

Not only you, nobody wants to stand in the line of the bank.

Government has decided to appoint a woman in every bank which will be named as “BANKING CORRESPONDENT SAKHI”

Suppose you want to withdraw money from your bank account, then these Banking Correspondents Sakhi posted in the bank will come to your house to give your money.

Can you imagine 58000 unemployed women will be posted in banks as a Correspondent Sakhi

Don’t let this chance go.

Why This Banking Correspondent Sakhi Yojana Is Being Implemented

We are at a stage where we have to keep ourselves safe. WHY?

Coronavirus [COVID-19] is spreading at a very high speed in our country.

Currently, India has touched the mark of 1 Lakh 58 Thousand patients.

We can avoid this virus only by adopting the rule of social distancing or by keeping ourselves locked in our homes.

Many people gather in the banks which may threaten the spread of the virus.

This is the reason for the implementation of the Banking Correspondent Sakhi Yojana.

How Much Amount Will Be Given To Sakhi

Selected Applicants will receive Rupees 4000 every month.

You will be given a digital device through which you will have to deliver money to people’s homes.

A sum of 50000 will be given to each Sakhi to purchase this digital device.

Banking Sakhi Yojana [4000] Online Registration

Wait some time for the official announcement. But it is clear that registration will be mandatory to avail the benefit of this yojana.

Applicants will have to fill the Sakhi Yojana Registration Form. After that, counselors will check all the eligibility criteria of the applicants.

After which the selected applicants will be posted in the banks as Correspondent Sakhi.

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